Get Started with Ionic’s Developer Portal and Add Enterprise-Scale Data Encryption to Your Application

While the security and management of data may be siloed into different data sources, applications, and platforms, sensitive data is not.  With 43% of organizations pushing out application changes weekly, or even more frequently, application developers are under increasing pressure to maintain a high level of security with each release.1 The Ionic Data Trust Platform provides developers programmatic access to Ionic Data Trust APIs and services, so they can easily and uniformly apply visibility, control, and protection of data, no matter where that data travels—even if it leaves the application entirely.

Our newly redesigned Ionic Developer Portal provides a self-service experience for developers interested in working with the same Data Trust Platform already used by some of the world’s largest enterprises and public sector organizations.  With a few lines of code, application developers can leverage Ionic’s groundbreaking key management, encryption, and attribute-based access control capabilities.

Get from zero to “Hello World” in a simple four-step tutorial, walk through the basic tasks built into our SDK, and review the capabilities enabled by our APIs.  The new Developer Portal makes application security even easier, featuring:

  1. Easy-to-follow instructions to create a low-friction getting-started experience;
  2. Instructions tailored to specific languages, OS, and build tools;2
  3. Technical overviews of the platform, along with glossaries and FAQs; and
  4. Code snippets for SDK tasks across different languages (you can find our collection of samples on

Build trust into your applications seamlessly, easily, and with confidence.  Get started today at The documentation and SDKs are accessible to all, and if you’re not a member of an organization who is already using Ionic, you can easily sign up for a free account to try it out.

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