Dynamically and uniformly control and protect data across devices, applications and the cloud.

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Seamless Enrollment
& Key Management

  • Uniformly enforce contextual data security policies no matter the repository based on user, device, time, network, location and ultimately data
  • Stay ahead of evolving security threats by protecting your data on prem or off prem and use real-time high-fidelity and high-confidence analytics to understand how your data is being accessed
  • Easily incorporate varied global compliance requirements as you build applications

Data Management

  • Embed policies that prevent data loss by controlling access at the data level
  • Confidently share large amounts of data without losing control of it
  • Permit appropriate access to secure data with no impact on user behavior

for Every Application

  • Developers can leverage the Ionic SDK with their language of choice to add security services to any data, application or device
  • Build Ionic data protection and control into custom applications and data flows while taking advantage of Ionic’s automated key management at scale
  • Get hands on quickly with our free trial to try it for yourself

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