Finally. Programmable Data Protection.

Ionic Machina™ lets application developers activate powerful, consistent, and seamless data access policy enforcement across any application, with just a few lines of code.

Create Keys With Attributes
That Will Inform Policy in Just a Few Lines of Code.

created_key = agent.createkey(

attributes={"data-type": ["Finance"],
"region": ["North America"]},

mutableAttributes={"classification": ["Restricted"], "designated_owner":
["[email protected]"]})

Machina: Your Consistent System of Record
for Data Protection

Machina gives you a consistent, logical service layer for enabling ABAC-based data access policy, industrial-scale encryption key management, and real-time policy enforcement within any cloud-based or on-premises application.

Machina Policy

An advanced ABAC-based policy engine that enables granular access policy across applications, identities, resources and contextual use cases.

Machina Keys

Highly-automated, performant key management, independent of applications and  scalable to trillions of keys.

Machina Enforce

An API-driven service layer that enables just-in-time enforcement of data policy, across applications and access use cases.

Machina Console

An advanced data access analytics and auditing solution that keeps a complete record of all data access requests and encryption key transactions.

Machina Tools

A robust set of developer tools (SDKs and APIs) provide easy-to-use integration between Machina data protection services and their diverse applications, enabled with only a few lines of code.

Try it for yourself. Four easy steps.

It’s time to stop worrying about data protection and focus on building killer apps.




Machina Tools


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