Programmable Data Security with Policy Enforcement

  • Create and manage keys with minimal changes to application code.
  • Activate granular, real-time access control over protected data using a consistent policy framework across all of your applications.
  • Gain visibility into all key transactions with full context into the request including who, where and under what conditions data access is attempted. 

Create Keys With Attributes
That Will Inform Policy in Just a Few Lines of Code.

created_key = agent.createkey(

attributes={"data-type": ["Finance"],
"region": ["North America"]},

mutableAttributes={"classification": ["Restricted"], "designated_owner":
["[email protected]"]})

Machina: Your Consistent System of Record
for Data Protection

Machina gives you a consistent, logical service layer for enabling ABAC-based data access policy, industrial-scale encryption key management, and real-time policy enforcement within any cloud-based or on-premises application.

Machina Policy

An advanced ABAC-based policy framework that enables granular access policy across applications, identities, resources, and contextual use cases.

Machina Attributes

Intelligent system that couples a rich set of user, device, service, and data attributes with highly-automated, performant key management, independent of applications and scalable to trillions of keys.

Machina Decision

An API-driven service layer that enables just-in-time enforcement of data access policies – by evaluating user, device, service, environment, and data attributes, to determine whether to allow or deny the request.

Machina Console

An advanced configuration, auditing, and analytics interface that logs records of all data access requests and encryption key transactions.

Machina Tools

A robust set of developer tools (SDKs, CLIs, and connectors) provides easy-to-use integration between Machina data protection services and their diverse applications using APIs, enabled with only a few lines of code.

Try it for yourself. Four easy steps.

It’s time to stop worrying about data protection and focus on building killer apps.


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Machina Tools


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