Learning Paths - Machina Tools

Machina provides data management through key management with a just-in-time policy decision engine. At its core, Machina is a key management platform that provides SDKs to make the encryption of your data simple. Developers choose Machina because we handle all the hard parts of crypto, letting developers focus on building their application.

SDK Basics

Getting Started with Policy - Builds on "Hello, World!" by introducing a policy to control access based on sensitivity level

Working with Device Profiles - Learn how to load profiles from a persistor and set the active profile

Using the Agent Class - Create, initialize and a Machina agent so your application can interact with Machina

Working with Data Protection Keys - Create, fetch, and update keys with key attributes that can be used in policy decisions

Encrypting Data with Ionic Machina - Encrypt data with strong AES-256 encryption using Machina keys

Machina Ciphers - Quickly encrypt data, create and update key attributes without having to reference keys explicitly

SDK Advanced

Ionic Machina Cloud Copy Tool - Backup and protect data on AWS S3, GCS and Microsoft Azure Blob Storage using the Machina Cloud Copy Tool.

Raw Crypto Cipher - Learn to create custom ciphers using the Machina crypto library. Demonstrates creating and fetching keys using raw crypto calls.

Bulk File Encryption - Learn how to use the extendable key services interface to make more efficient network calls for large encrypt operations.

Protecting Structured Data Using JDBC and Machina Tools for Java - Learn how to add access controls to any JVM application using the Machina Java SDK.

Protecting Log Data Using Log4j and Machina Tools – SDK - Learn how to protect and control access to sensitive log data served by Log4j 2 using this integration with the Machina Java SDK.

Alternative Device Profile Storage Methods - Securely store device profiles that can be used to authenticate with Machina, and how to implement your own method for persisting profiles.

Choosing the Right Chunk Crypto Cipher - Ionic Machina's Chunk Auto ciphers enable you to quickly encrypt structured and unstructured data. Here's how to select the most performant ciphers for your needs.

Using the Java SDK in Machina Tools on a Raspberry Pi - Protect sensitive data stored on Raspberry Pi using these step-by-step instructions.

API Examples on Github