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Learning Paths - Machina Tools

Learn how to build custom applications that protect and control access to sensitive data.

  • "Hello, World!" - Run in as Javascript in the browser or locally using your favorite language SDK.
  • Getting Started with Policy - Builds on "Hello, World!" by introducing a policy to control access to your data.

SDK Fundamentals

Learn the five basics for building data security into your custom apps.

Advanced Tutorials with Code Samples


Device Profiles

  • Alternative Device Profile Storage Methods - Securely store device profiles that can be used to authenticate with Machina, and how to implement your own method for persisting profiles.
  • Downloading Device Profiles - Learn how to generate and download a Secure Enrollment Profile (SEP) from the Console, then use the machina CLI to move the plaintext profile to a secured password persistor.
  • Working with Default persitors - Utilize your system's security model (e.g, Apple Keychain, Windows DPAPI) to secure your device's profile.

machina CLI


  • Raw Crypto Cipher - Learn to create custom ciphers using the Machina crypto library. Demonstrates creating and fetching keys using raw crypto calls.
  • Bulk File Encryption - Learn how to use the extendable key services interface to make more efficient network calls for large encrypt operations.
  • Choosing the Right Chunk Crypto Cipher - Ionic Machina's Chunk Auto ciphers enable you to quickly encrypt structured and unstructured data. Here's how to select the most performant ciphers for your needs.

Structured Data

API Samples on Github