HIPAA and Healthcare

Protect and control access to Personal Health Information (PHI). Machina allows developers to control access to sensitive data by implementing compliance controls as global policy that is enforced in real-time as data access requests happen.

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Combine attribute-based access controls with rich policy expression mechanisms, backed by a decision engine that validates and logs every request giving pure auditability of all controls.

Try the Demo App - Using our Javascript SDK, learn how to protect PHI stored in DynamoDB on AWS. Set and manage policies to control access all from a centralized Machina Console.

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Protect PHI with just a few lines of code.

created_key = agent.createkey(

attributes={"data-type": ["Finance"],
"region": ["North America"]},

mutableAttributes={"classification": ["Restricted"], "designated_owner":
["[email protected]"]})

Machina Tools

A robust set of developer tools (SDKs supporting Python, Java, C#, C/C++ and Javascript, plus CLIs and cloud connectors) provides easy-to-use integration between Machina data protection services and their diverse applications using APIs, enabled with only a few lines of code.

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