Ionic Data Trust Services

for Amazon
Ionic Provides High Assurance Data Protection for Amazon

The combination of Ionic’s platform technology with AWS’s infrastructure will enable customers to select from Ionic’s offerings, with encryption keys stored in AWS CloudHSMs or via on-premises hardware security module (HSM) appliances, or a combination of the two, based on their business need. Through this collaboration, Ionic and AWS will deliver these advanced, hybrid services to regulated commercial and government clients around the world.

Consistent security across all your data

The Ionic Data Trust Platform provides Data Protection Services that support fine-grained control and protection of different data objects, for both structured and unstructured content, regardless of whether that data is stored in: a flat file, a database, on a desktop, a server, a mobile device, or with a cloud provider.

Manage Your Ionic Deployment in AWS

In addition to an on-premise deployment option, Ionic can be deployed in the cloud at web scale with a breathtakingly easy provisioning and management experience, thanks to AWS.

Ionic Data Trust Services for AWS S3

Ionic Data Trust Services for Amazon Web Services (AWS) Simple Storage Service (S3) integrates directly with the native AWS S3 SDK to allow enterprises to leverage the Ionic Platform key management and data protection services.

The solution leverages standard features of the Ionic Platform so enterprises can:

  • Encrypt a new item while uploading it
  • Decrypt an item while downloading it
  • Re-encrypt an existing item with a new key

Ionic Data Trust Services for AWS S3

Empower data visibility

The Ionic Data Trust Platform provides advanced visibility, with high-fidelity and control which means your data access policies are not only enforced but that every key fetch request is measurable by user, by role, by device, by network, by time, by application, and ultimately by data.

Secure your cloud storage

Easily integrate our policy-driven key management services to any data that is uploaded or downloaded to the cloud. Fill out the form to engage with our team.

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