Ionic Data Trust Services

for Google Cloud Storage
Easily add policy driven, one-time use encryption keys to Google Cloud Storage

With a focus on simplicity, the Ionic Data Trust Platform used together with Google Cloud Storage allows developers to seamlessly use their own one-time use encryption keys when uploading data or getting data from Google Cloud Storage.

Make data safe everywhere

It’s your data, and it belongs to you. Ionic uniformly enforces data security policies, and you never lose control no matter where the data is sent, stored, or shared.

Ionic Data Trust Services for Google Cloud Storage
Code snippet
Uploading and Downloading data with your Ionic-based encryption key


 * A snippet for Google Cloud Storage showing how to create a blob.
public class CreateBlob {
    static Storage storage;

    public static void main(String... args) {
        // Configure the bucket name and blob name:
        BlobId blobId = BlobId.of("my-bucket-name", "my_ionic_blob");

        // Create a StorageImpl instance that uses our IonicAgent for key creates and fetches.
        // We use the default instance google storage as the backing service for this object.
        storage = new StorageImpl(IonicAgentFactory.getAgent(), StorageOptions.getDefaultInstance().getService());
        // Write the Blob
        BlobInfo blobInfo = BlobInfo.newBuilder(blobId).setContentType("text/plain").build();
        storage.create(blobInfo, "Hello Ionic Blob!".getBytes());

        // Read it back
        byte[] decryptedContent = storage.readAllBytes(blobId);
        if (decryptedContent != null) {
            System.out.println(new String(decryptedContent));

Audit-Ready Results

The Ionic Data Trust Platform provides advanced visibility, with high-fidelity and control which means your data access policies are not only enforced but that every key fetch request is measurable by user, by role, by device, by network, by time, by application, and ultimately by data.

Solution Requirements

Secure your cloud storage

Easily integrate our policy-driven key management services to any data that is uploaded or downloaded to the cloud. Fill out the form to engage with our team.

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