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Gain lifetime control over enterprise data and keys, with real-time policy checks and analytics of data type, location, and use.

Your business is created every day in your documents. Your most sensitive and often regulated data- contracts, proposals, patent filings, pricing, customer data and forecasts – is found in all forms of Microsoft® Office and Adobe® PDF documents. These documents travel throughout the organization and are viewed, changed, copied, and housed on multiple devices, in collaboration environments, and on shared or dedicated thumb drives.

Easy to use

People want a simple place to put their most valued data. A secure file folder on the desktop with tamper-proof credentials is one of the most natural ways to provide data control and protection, audit-ready visibility and a seamless user experience. Through this partnership with Intel, Ionic is now providing a preview release of Ionic Secure Files™ with Intel® Data Guard.

Put your documents to work without losing control

The new solution extends the Ionic Secure Files and Folders technology by directly integrating the Ionic Platform and Ionic SDK with Intel’s® Data Guard technology to provide hardened crypto functionality using Intel® Software Guard Extensions (Intel® SGX) at the endpoint, ensuring that the keys remain protected both at rest and in use.

Key features of the preview release include:

  • Using Ionic Secure Files™ with Intel® Data Guard employee files, including Microsoft® Office & Adobe® PDF documents are automatically encrypted and remain protected on IT-managed PCs when stored locally or shared via email, cloud services, or copied onto removable media storage.
  • Ionic offers centralized management of data by user, role, document ownership, device, location, and time, preventing unauthorized data access while also simplifying access to authorized users.
  • Ionic Secure Files™ enables monitoring of data access and usage to detect and prevent insider threats and data loss.
  • Define and apply clear data disclosure guidelines that can automate, track, and actively enforce the rules that govern which information must be controlled and whom, when, and under what circumstances company officials are permitted or obligated to release that information to meet Regulation FD requirements.
  • Ionic Secure Files™, hardened by Intel® Data Guard technology, provides an innovative foundation for enterprises to pursue compliance with the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
Ionic Data Trust Services for Intel Data Guard
Protect Data In Transit, In Use, and At Rest
Ionic Secure Files for Intel Data Guard Solution Diagram

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