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Together, Sagence and Ionic Security address the most difficult data challenge faced by today’s CDOs, CIOs, and CISOs: how to maximize the business value of corporate data assets while mitigating security, regulatory, and privacy risks. Sagence combines a deep knowledge of sophisticated data and enterprise architectures with advanced techniques in semantic technology and artificial intelligence.

Paired with Ionic’s unique Data Trust Platform, Sagence and Ionic create and implement advanced methods for sharing data across the enterprise with the control, transparency, and accountability required by the most security-conscious professionals.

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Together, Ionic Security and Sagence, provide an end-to-end data service, that satisfies both the need to provide data management and governance, as well as data security, through appropriate accessibility, visibility, and traceability.

The 2-step approach allows organizations to first understand how their data is being generated, consumed, and enhanced. Based on the knowledge gained through observing the consumption model, then apply the appropriate mechanism for access control and entitlements, through dynamic and just-in-time policies.

The approach has been proven to satisfy the sometimes disjoined needs and missions of compliance CDOs and CSOs in the most regulated industries; one focused on understanding where the data is, and how to derive business value from it (while satisfying the ever-changing and demanding needs of hungry users); the other, trying to maintain or attain new the security, compliance and regulatory standards.

Sagence Data Model + Ionic Entitlements Engine partner to provide end-to-end data services
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Ionic has an impressive, experienced team with unmatched expertise in the data security field. Their unique, one-of-a-kind protocol and hybrid architecture mathematically ensures no man or machine — not even Ionic — can access your critical data. Together, we are meeting the complex requirements of our security conscious clients by integrating Ionic’s data management and security platform with Sagence’s data-centric approach to managing and extracting value from enterprise data.

Marisela Lawson

Sagence's deep experience in transforming clients into data-driven enterprises has been a perfect fit with Ionic's data management and protection platform. The Sagence team's ability to map business priorities into data-centric policies, then implement them in the Ionic platform, has unlocked new levels of competitiveness, agility, and security in our joint customers.

Bryan Gillson
VP, Strategic Alliances

Boost your data awareness and business value

Join us to learn more about the Ionic Security and Sagence partnership, and how it can help you simplify the overly-complex process of managing data access and security across your entire enterprise.

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