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Many organizations struggle with both data classification and data protection individually, because addressing one without the other doesn’t solve the true problem.  TITUS’ products, integrated with the Ionic Data Trust Platform, truly deliver classification-driven policy across unstructured data’s entire lifecycle: from at-rest discovery, to email collaboration, to document creation and use.

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Identifying your most critical data is the first step to understanding your organization risk profile, and deploying an efficient data security program. Once identified, taking the necessary action to ensure its protection is critical.

Ionic Security and TITUS provide a comprehensive data security and governance framework over your most valuable assets, whether they are stored at rest in a data source, they are being actively used by your information workers or they are being shared with your collaborators of choice. The solution will enable you to:

Ionic Data Trust Services for TITUS Data Classification and TITUS Data Discovery
Ionic Data Trust Services for TITUS Data Discovery and Classification (Partner solution diagram)
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The advanced data protection functionality provided by Ionic works seamlessly within TITUS data classification solutions. Together, TITUS and Ionic present a compelling solution to enterprise requirements for data classification and protection. By enabling end-users to utilize data classification to identify how and when to apply data protection, organizations are able to create an organic culture of security without the intrusiveness often seen in other solutions.

Allan Yogasingam
Product Manager

Enterprises worldwide have identified TITUS' classification solution as a critical technology to meet today’s security, information management, and regulatory compliance challenges. Now, by integrating the Ionic platform, TITUS allows enterprises to not only mark and understand their data, but to protect, control, and manage it. TITUS' products, integrated with Ionic, truly deliver classification-driven policy across unstructured data’s entire lifecycle: from at-rest discovery, to email, to Office document creation and use.

Bryan Gillson
VP, Strategic Alliances

Illuminate the value of your data.

Enable your enterprise to properly identify, classify, and secure sensitive data assets regardless of where they are being stored, or how they are being shared. Contact us to start the discussion.

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