Ionic Machina® - Policy-Based Authorization Engine

Policy-Based Authorization Engine

Ionic Machina® provides dynamic control and trust by consolidating data access policy, just-in-time policy enforcement, context-aware security controls, and full spectrum visibility into a single, unified system of record.

Policy is the New Perimeter.
Simplify the Complexity of Data Security
with Dynamic Authorization.

As the unified service layer for managing and enforcing data access policy, Machina makes it easy to address complex use cases that persistently undermine data security and stifle innovation, without requiring changes to applications or underlying databases.

Real-Time Access Control

Data access policy for individuals, groups, or entire organizations can be instantaneously applied across all use cases where that data is accessed in any environment. View real-time analytics on policy decisions enforced.

Fine-Grained Access Control Policies

More than just roles — define and enforce policies using attributes about subjects, objects, and environmental contexts. Implement the level of granularity — coarse, medium, or fine — that meets your evolving needs.

Single System of Record

Full-spectrum visibility into how, why, who, and what is accessing data across your entire organization with real-time analytics and auditing logs of all data handling activities, policy enforcements, and authorization decisions.

Secure Data Across All Environments

Globally express and manage data handling policies coupled with encryption from a single control plane, across all your applications, repositories, resources, and workloads in your hybrid or cloud/multicloud environment.

Separate Security and Business Logic

Minimize the effort required to apply or change access policy across applications, workloads, and other entities. Create a policy once and enforce it across any number of locations without requiring development.

Compliance Made Simple

Use natural language policies, programmatically enforced, to easily meet complex regulations like HIPAA, HITRUST, NYFDS, GDPR, CCPA, and many more. Prove compliance with auditable activity logs.


We had no hope of getting this right in 50+ systems. Our best bet was to get this right in one place and make it very easy for the rest of our vendors to make use of that knowledge just in time.


Fortune 100 Financial Services Corporation.

One Solution
Managing Every
Authorization Decision

In a single, highly-automated framework, Machina combines all the solution components required to scale data security and access control – across clouds, environments, applications, and data silos.

Machina Policy

A framework for storing and retrieving rich, contextual data access policies leveraging attribute-based access control (ABAC) – federated across identities, resources, data stores, applications, and workloads.

Machina Attributes

Intelligent system that couples a rich set of user, device, service, and data attributes with automated key management - independent of applications, scalable to trillions of keys, and fully controlled by your organization.

Machina Decision

An API-driven service layer that enables just-in-time enforcement of data access policies – by evaluating user, device, service, environment, and data attributes, to determine whether to allow or deny the request.

Machina Console

An interface providing configuration, auditing, and analytics capabilities for policies, as well as comprehensive, real-time visibility into how users are accessing and handling sensitive data and services.

Machina Tools

A robust set of developer tools (SDKs, APIs, CLIs, and connectors) simplifies implementing data security and access controls into diverse applications using just a few lines of code.

Wherever Your Data Travels. Machina Is There To Secure It.

Machina consistently secures and controls access to your sensitive data, from creation through consumption, everywhere it travels and anywhere it resides.

Cloud Storage

Centralize management and enforcement of data access policy across Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud platforms.

Third-Party Cloud Apps

Create a single layer of data access policy management and enforcement across all your third-party cloud applications, even securing data after it is exported.

Custom Enterprise Apps

Seamlessly align new applications to a consistent data access policy framework, and enable them with real-time policy enforcement services.

Endpoint Files & Unstructured Data

Extend data access policy management and enforcement to unstructured data natively inside leading business productivity applications.