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Machina Tools for AWS S3 and GCS

As you may recall, Ionic Security released its first version of Machina Tools for Cloud in July 2018, which offers a simple way for developers using the Java SDK to invoke Machina’s protection and policy functionality as data moves to and from cloud storage in AWS S3 and Google GCS. This addresses use cases such as migrating from on-premise storage to the cloud, and protecting data across multi-cloud environments– all while providing granular cryptographic control.

Ionic Security recently released new SDKs for AWS (0.9.0) and GCS (0.9.1). New and updated features include:

  • Full feature parity between Machina Tools for AWS S3 and GCS SDKs
  • Support for uploads taking create key requests as arguments
  • Support for downloads returning get key responses
  • Improved the exceptions thrown on key request denials
  • Metadata injection feature has been removed from S3
  • Support for setting client metadata for GCS
  • xml files have been updated

Machina Developers Updates

Whenever a new release comes out, The DevX team also updates Machina Developers, our portal that provides centralized access to all developer resources. The team also takes the opportunity improve the site, introduce new examples and add new features. For this release, Developer portal 1.5.3 introduces new branding of Machina Tools for AWS S3 and Machina Tools for Google Cloud Storage (GCS).

The Machina Developers portal also introduces improved code samples, which are located on Ionic Security’s GitHub repositories. A new code example, Transfer Manager for AWS, uses Amazon’s TransferManagerBuilder class to easily transfer local objects to and from AWS S3.   The pom.xml files have been updated for better maven integration.  Directions for obtaining the javadocs are available on the ‘Setup’ pages.

The Tutorial section has been updated.  Python code samples are now properly aligned to code blocks.  JavaScript code has been added to the Agents, Keys, and Ionic Ciphers tutorials.  As always, there are a few minor fixes like improved searching.

I hope you’ll explore the new Machina Tools for AWS S3 and GCS SDKs and start encrypting the cloud.

Until next time,

– Rick –