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Google Cloud and Ionic Security Make the Cloud Simple to Trust

Ionic Machina and Google Cloud’s External Key Manager Make the Cloud Simple to Trust

Mitigate Cloud Risk and Accelerate Innovation With External Key Manager

LONDON, Nov. 20, 2019 – Machine-scale data protection provider Ionic today announced it is a launch integrator for Google Cloud’s External Key Manager, a new offering that manages cloud risk and privacy by externalizing positive control over how cloud data, services and workloads are handled. With this integration, Ionic Machina™ gives Google Cloud customers external encryption key management, attribute-based access controls (ABAC), real-time policy enforcement, and auditable visibility. This new reality of customer-managed trust provides an unprecedented level of comfort for cloud migration and app modernization.

For organizations previously unable or unwilling to move sensitive data, services or workloads to the cloud, the combination of Machina and External Key Manager offers:

  • Significantly lower risk by ensuring no single vendor has control of both the data, service or workload and the keys to access them
  • Simplified and consistent management of shared responsibility security obligations
  • Complete visibility and auditability of cloud transactions

A controlled and secure cloud environment gives customers the ability to comfortably realize all the cost savings and innovations that make the cloud such a compelling choice.

“External Key Manager meets the market demand for customer-managed trust by introducing a third party into the risk model,” said Adam Ghetti, founder at Ionic. “Google Cloud is the first to seize the market-expanding opportunities this presents, helping our mutual customers deliver on their shared-responsibility commitments to manage security in the cloud.”

CSP Customers are responsible for Governance Risk Control (GRC), Data Security, and Application Security. CSP is responsible for Platform Security, Infrastructure Security, and Physical Security. Platform Security is a shared responsibility. CSP Customer assumes all risk. Manage risk for GRC, data security, and application security with Machina. Reduce risk for all with Machina.

Customer-Managed Trust and Risk Reduction With Machina

“At Google Cloud, we give enterprises a broad range of encryption options to appropriately balance risk, control, security and operational complexity when protecting cloud workloads,” said Il-Sung Lee, product manager at Google Cloud. “Today, in collaboration with Ionic, we’re bringing customers the next level of controls for their cloud environments with External Key Manager and making it easy to implement and support our customers’ governance and compliance processes.”

Coming soon to beta, External Key Manager lets you encrypt data in BigQuery and Compute Engine with keys stored and managed in a third-party key management system deployed outside Google Cloud’s infrastructure. In addition, the newly announced Key Access Justifications will provide rich additional context to Machina for each access request. The attribute-based access controls of Machina are uniquely positioned to leverage these reasons when rendering a policy decision.

The integration of Machina with External Key Manager builds on the existing relationship between the two companies. We offer an existing integration of Machina Tools for Google Cloud Storage. This also represents the first work since Google LLC invested in Ionic earlier this year, joining GV who has been an investor since 2013.

To learn more about how Machina and External Key Manager can help mitigate cloud risk and accelerate innovation, stop by our booth at Google Cloud Next UK or read more about how these capabilities impact practitioners.

About Ionic Security

Ionic enables global businesses and government agencies to accelerate innovation by driving data protection across their organization, regardless of where they are in their journey to the cloud. Ionic Machina is the only enterprise-class data protection engine that delivers real-time data policy enforcement against a rich set of identity and data attributes backed by machine-scale key management, creating a system of record for unified and consistent execution. 

With over two million licensed users in Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, and a growing grassroots developer community, the unique ecosystem relationships of Ionic dramatically accelerate cloud migration and multi-cloud deployments, creating value for enterprises in driving their overall security strategy. Learn more at, or connect on LinkedIn or Twitter.

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