Ionic Security Named in Zero Trust Report by Independent Firm
Ionic Security Named in The Forrester Wave™: Zero Trust eXtended (ZTX) Ecosystem Platform Providers, Q3 2020

Ionic Security Named in Zero Trust Providers Report by Independent Research Firm

Report says “Ionic makes ZT more achievable at a broader scale”

ATLANTA, September 24, 2020 — Ionic Security, a leading provider of unified data security and access control solutions to enable Zero Trust architectures, today announced their placement by Forrester Research in “The Forrester Wave™: Zero Trust eXtended (ZTX) Ecosystem Platform Providers, Q3 2020.”

Forrester, a prestigious global research and advisory firm, evaluated the current offering, strategy and market presence of 15 vendors selected based on specific inclusion criteria. Data is the central pillar of the ZTX framework, and MachinaTM, the context-based authorization engine built by Ionic, earned the highest marks possible in the criteria of data security and APIs.

Dr. Chase Cunningham, Forrester Research principal analyst and author of the report, writes in it that Ionic has “significant chops for those seeking to enable Zero Trust for developers, contractors, and third parties. The vendor’s system makes granular authorization easy and helps make encryption more achievable at scale.” Additional recognition comes from “The Zero Trust eXtended Ecosystem: Data” report from Forrester, where Ionic has also been listed as a sample vendor.

Dr. Cunningham rounded out the profile for Ionic in this thought-leading report by stating, “Enterprises that struggle with implementing and maintaining consistent data handling requirements would be wise to explore Ionic’s offerings.”


Machina enforces contextual policy around what organizations value — data, resources, workloads and much more — delivering real-time authorization that has been co-engineered with a globally scalable encryption key management service. Attribute-based access controls (ABAC) are agnostic to data or resource type and can secure objects at any granularity across cloud and on-premise environments. Machina captures rich attributes related to every authorization request, whether allowed or denied. This provides necessary proof of compliance and enhances governance and classification efforts with a detailed audit of actual use.

Orchestrating the definition and enforcement of policy from a central layer enables automated responses to threats, business drivers, and regulations. NIST SP 800-207 on “Zero Trust Architecture” discusses authorization as a method of reducing implicit trust, and with Machina, authorization is controlled through a patented key release process — even if encryption is not applied — which binds policy to resources, including when they travel beyond network boundaries. Exfiltrated data secured with Machina is of zero use to anyone else.

“Our clients benefit greatly from implementing Zero Trust architectures that empower developers with a simple way to hook business policy to the resources it governs,” said Bill LeBlanc, chief technical officer, Ionic Security. “Recognition as a ZTX vendor reinforces our commitment to the future of work by making dynamic security achievable at scale through a developer-first platform.”

Learn more about how centralizing and programmatically enforcing policy improves data handling. 

About Ionic Security

Ionic empowers clients to future-proof their organizations and accelerate innovation by unifying data security and access controls, regardless of where they are in their journey to the cloud. Machina is the only context-based authorization engine that delivers dynamic, granular policy enforcement against a rich set of identity and data attributes, all backed by a scalable key management service with full spectrum visibility into a single, unified system of record. 

With over two million licensed users in Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, and a growing grassroots developer community, the unique ecosystem relationships of Ionic dramatically accelerate cloud migration and multi-cloud deployments with Zero Trust architectures that create value for the enterprise. Learn more at, or connect on LinkedIn or Twitter.

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