Meet the patented platform that trusts no one. Including us. Our secure protocol and hybrid architecture mathematically ensures that no man or machine — not even Ionic — can get in the middle of your business. Ionic Data Trust Platform provides seamless control and protection for any data repository regardless of location, including on-premise and cloud-based data sources, to provide a consistent and flexible backplane for enterprise data control and protection.

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Internet-Scale Key Management

Unlike other methodologies, Ionic never holds or controls your keys. They remain within the on-premise or IaaS infrastructure that you control. And with autonomous management of trillions of keys, you can now obtain fine-grained protection and control of your most sensitive data. Our Verified Blind Exchange (VBE) Protocol solves the classic man-in-the-middle problem. Verifiably and mathematically.


Eliminate policy silos across your existing and cloud-based solutions. Only Ionic can enable a common Data Protection as a Service across all repositories in an enterprise, regardless of location. Our real-time policy enforcement can be applied to data using any combination of users, groups, time, and operational and environmental variables for highly flexible and dynamic role-based or attribute-based access control, as needed by your business.


Data Visibility. Data Control. Data Protection. Manage data usage and understand how user, group, and policy management impacts data control and protection in real-time. Visually explore 100% of data access attempts, data lineage, and administrative actions using Ionic’s Administrator Dashboard. Or export all your data logs to a tool of your choice that supports standard log formats, such as Splunk, HP ArcSight, or Tableau.

Deployment options at the speed of your business

Ionic Data Trust Platform provides cloud, hybrid, and on-premise deployment options to support the specific requirements of different enterprises and government agencies. For enterprises looking to do full cloud provisioning, the Ionic platform is available in the AWS Marketplace for commercial and government customers.

A Foundation that is Certified

Ionic Data Trust Platform is an enterprise class, highly secure infrastructure. It represents thousands of servers and storage devices and is both globally available and distributed globally across multiple infrastructure providers. Data Trust services are designed for high availability, delivering less than 10 minutes of downtime annually (~99.98%).

  • ISO/IEC 27001 (specifies a suite of activities concerning information security management)
  • ISO/IEC 27018 (privacy in cloud environments)
  • SOC 2 Type II (controls relating to security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality and privacy of a system)
  • FIPS 140-2 (U.S. government computer security standard used to accredit cryptographic modules)

Ionics patented data protection platform is ISO 27001 Certified
Privacy Shield Framework Logo

Ionic is actively certified with the EU-U.S. Privacy Shield Framework, a government program that certifies organizations for US-EU privacy protections and is currently the requirement for US-EU trade programs.

Learn more by reading our Privacy Shield Framework registration.

Compare our Data Trust Platform
With Other Methods

Ionic Data Trust Platform:

  • Advanced visibility, control, protection, and analytics
  • All data types.  All data sources.  Anyone’s application.
  • No cleartext.  Autonomous key management.
  • Complete customer control of keys
  • Eliminates the man in the middle
  • Fine grain: structured (individual database fields), unstructured (documents), or semi-structured data
  • Compliant: high-fidelity & high-confidence, behavior tracking, reporting, and  analytics
  • Extensible: Ionic platform SDK easily embedded into your applications
  • Internet-scale platform.  Globally available.  Globally distributed.  Globally resilient.
  • Consumer simplicity

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