5 ways to control your data and resources with Google Cloud EKM - Ionic

5 ways to control your data and resources in Google Cloud with External Key Manager

Ionic Machina for Google Cloud External Key Manager (EKM)

Probably the single biggest barrier to a more rapid cloud adoption is data security and privacy. For any organization collecting, processing, analyzing, and retaining sensitive or regulated information, data privacy can quickly become a blocker as it requires a completely different trust model.

CSPs provide native security controls but these are often inadequate for many organizations as the data and encryption keys to access the data are stored in the same location. And, the CSPs have access to your keys. The new trust model requires organizations to:

  • Remain responsible for data security and privacy at all times as mandated by data privacy regulations
  • Remain accountable even when they have almost no direct control over any of the infrastructure processing the data
  • Gain real-time insight into data access activities and policy enforcement

Google is the first CSP to give you complete control over storing and managing your encryption keys outside of GCP, so only you can authorize access to your data and resources in several Google Cloud services — BigQuery, Kubernetes Engine, Cloud SQL, and Compute Engine.

Learn how Google Cloud EKM makes you the ultimate arbiter of access authorization in GCP.