Data Trust in a Cloud-First World - Ionic

Data Trust in a Cloud-First World

AWS Fireside Chat

Founder & Chief Evangelist, Ionic

Solutions Architect, AWS

Ram Ramani, solutions architect at Amazon Web Services, sits down with Adam Ghetti during an AWS Loft event for a fireside chat about the pillars of security that every startup should consider to protect both intellectual property and customer data, regardless of the architecture that they choose.

Adam speaks candidly about Ionic’s journey from a five-person startup to millions of users, offering anecdotes about changing marketplace mindsets, securing funding, and responding to rapidly-changing regulations with scalable solutions.

“What’s the future of data security? Whether it’s in the cloud, whether it’s on-prem, or whether it’s on mobile, we have got to stop thinking about the data security– and ultimately the trust of how that data is handled– differently just because it’s in a different place. The data is the same… From the business’ perspective, the information is the same. We’ve got to stop thinking about how we secure and account for those things differently.”

–Adam Ghetti, founder & Chief Evangelist, Ionic