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Ionic Machina Product Brief | Machina delivers unified security and access control, in any environment | Get the product brief now

Ionic Machina Product Brief

Delivering unified data security and access control that enables trust at enterprise-scale, in any environment

For any organization collecting, processing, analyzing, and retaining sensitive or regulated information, data security and access control has become very challenging. There is an explosion of data in terms of volume and complexity due to the exponential growth in cloud computing, mobile data traffic, and the development and adoption of technologies that depend on connected systems, processes, workflows, and applications. 

As data is being shared internally and externally—across disparate applications, environments, data stores, devices, and services—securing and controlling access to it is critical. Perimeter defenses with static policy gates or runtime access logic in application code are no longer viable options to secure your valuable assets. A completely different trust model is required where policy is the new perimeter.

MachinaTM is the only policy-based authorization engine that consistently delivers real-time access decisions in any environment (cloud, on-premises, and hybrid) by unifying: 

  • Dynamic access controls
  • Centralized policy management (RBAC/ABAC)
  • Highly scalable and available encryption key management
  • Auditable visibility

Future-proof your data security and access control strategy with Machina by maintaining control of your valuable assets, enforcing privacy and GRC policies, and leveraging a central authorization framework to manage access across any application, repository, workload, resource, and system.