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Machina AWS S3 Demo

Start Protecting Your Cloud Data With Machina

Machina drives customer-managed trust in AWS by simplifying the management of your shared responsibility commitments to secure your data ‘in’ AWS. Customers are enabled to reduce and manage the inherent risk of moving any piece of their operations to the cloud.

Machina provides you full control over how your AWS S3 data is accessed and handled with just a few lines of code. Developers faced with securely migrating to the cloud leverage Machina to close their data security gaps and scale the task of controlling access across multiple environments and workflows.

We have a specific offering that allows you to ensure the security of sensitive data across your AWS and on-premises environments called Machina — S3 Unlimited. Get it today from AWS Marketplace or AWS Marketplace for the Financial Services Industry

AWS Customers are responsible for Governance Risk Control (GRC), Data Security, and Application Security. AWS is responsible for Platform Security, Infrastructure Security, and Physical Security. Platform Security is a shared responsibility. Manage GRC, data security, and application security with Machina.
Manage Your Shared Responsibility of Security ‘in’ AWS with Machina