Secure Cloud Data
Across Users and Devices

with Ionic Data Trust Services for McAfee MVISION Cloud

Is your cloud strategy vulnerable to unauthorized access and compliance breaches?

As enterprises are adopting cloud services such as Office 365, Box, Salesforce or Google Drive for business processes, an increasing amount of corporate data has moved to the cloud. While cloud services have a robust security infrastructure in place, companies remain vulnerable to unauthorized access and compliance breaches due to inadvertent actions by employees as well as malicious insiders.

Ionic Security and McAfee MVISION Cloud partnered to help enterprises address these challenges by securing their cloud data across users and devices using DLP and pervasive encryption. With its data-centric approach, the solution is bringing lifetime control and protection to the theĀ enterprise.

  • Enable your users to innovate and be productive by using cloud services such as Salesforce, Office365, Google Drive, and Box, while still protecting your valuable assets when they are uploaded and shared within cloud services
  • Allow users to use cloud services across multiple devices while enforcing the necessary security controls
  • Extend a consistent security, access control, and policy framework to your internally developed custom applications residing on IaaS platforms

Download the solution brief to learn more.

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