Privacy by Design & GDPR

Context based entitlements for data residency, access, and protection

The European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) becomes effective on May 25, 2018, and its reach extends far beyond the borders of Europe. EU data privacy regulations will soon apply not only to data controllers located in the EU, but in certain instances also to data processors and controllers outside the EU who collect or process personal data of EU residents.

The GDPR poses a number of regulatory challenges, in particular implementation of “Privacy by Design,” the principles which the GDPR explicitly embraces. Privacy by Design will compel significant changes in internal processing practices and require companies to find practical and cost-effective technical and organizational solutions to ensure compliance.

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This paper presents a technical overview of certain attributes and controls of the Ionic Security platform that map to Privacy by Design principles and other GDPR requirements.

Among other things, the Ionic platform offers full data lifecycle visibility and granular controls over access to personal data, supported by a suite of technical capabilities, including scalable encryption. This paper is intended for data privacy and information security professionals facing the challenges of data privacy generally and GDPR specifically, who are interested in learning more about the Ionic Security platform and its data privacy protections.

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