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Zero Trust Security for Game Developers

Zero Trust Security for Game Developers

Presented at SIEGE: Southern Interactive Entertainment and Game Expo

Director, Analyst Relations and Marketing, Ionic Security

Senior Software Engineer, Ionic Security

When it comes to security for game developers, high-profile breaches — Webkinz, Zynga, Xbox, PlayStation, Stalker, Nintendo — are on the rise. The frequency, severity, and fines associated to improper data handling also continue to increase, along with consumer demand for security and privacy.

Zero Trust is a security framework that has been gaining industry traction. It doesn’t mean nothing is trusted, but it does mean all trust must be earned, or in a more technical sense, authenticated and authorized.

This SIEGE 2020 session presented by the Georgia Game Developers Association — featuring Christy Smith and Ken Lightner, both from Ionic Security — covers Zero Trust security for game developers and provides five practical suggestions to incorporate its concepts into application development.

Resources and next steps:

  1. Reduce implicit trust – Enroll as a first-time user and complete basic encryption tutorial
  2. Design resource-centric controls – Explore key attributes
  3. Create context-aware applications – Review policy tutorial
  4. Externalize authorization – Consult SDK documentation