Zero Trust Security in a Multi-Cloud Environment - Ionic
Implementing zero Trust Models in the Cloud

Zero Trust Security in a Multi-Cloud Environment

Watch Ionic present at the Dallas Cloud Security Meetup Group about architecting Zero Trust security into multi-cloud-environments.

The webcast covers:

  • Zero Trust from the perspective of industry analysts and NIST
  • Multi-cloud Zero Trust security models from AWS, Google, and Microsoft
  • The importance and time-saving value of external authorization
  • Using the full context of a request to authorize access
  • Concepts around data identity
  • Role-based versus attribute-based access controls
  • Authoring security policy
  • A demonstration of Zero Trust security in action

For more details, check out Ionic Developers and the accompanying blog on Zero Trust for Developers: What is it and why should Developers Care?

Ionic presenters:

  • Michael Floyd, director of developer experience
  • Diallo Gentry, solution architect
  • Blake Franke, global sales