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Dynamic Control and Trust

Machina® enables you to control the security of and access to your data by providing an external system that manages authorization in real-time based on access policies, allowing you to manage data governance, risk, and compliance across your enterprise.

Dynamic Authorization Drives Innovation


As more mission-critical applications migrate to the cloud, concerns about data privacy and security are growing because the cloud does not make data inherently more secure. Customers must ensure that they address all their 'shared responsibility' risks in cloud computing — data breaches, misconfigured buckets, human errors, malicious insiders, and others. Gartner predicts 95% of cloud security failures in 2020 will be the customers’ fault.

Manage your ‘shared responsibility’ for securing data in the cloud
Implement consistent data handling and access policy across all environments
Manage policy, encryption, visibility, and dynamic authorization with a single solution


Privacy regulations such as CCPA, GDPR, and others require organizations to implement and enforce access controls and security protection for personal data (e.g. PI or PII). Failure to comply leads to material fines, class-action lawsuits, and brand damage at a minimum. Depending on people and manual processes to satisfy these requirements cannot scale and will fail to satisfy the burden of proof of compliance. Additionally, the explosion of data due to digital transformation compounds the problem.

Create simple to fine-grained data handling and access policies using a multitude of attributes to meet regulatory compliance requirements
Enforce data handling and access policies programmatically, ensuring consistency 
Track data movement in real-time with analytics and auditable logs

Application Development

Organizations implement multiple disparate solutions in silos to secure their data — at best simply securing the perimeter around the silo, but rarely actually securing the data itself. Using the human-scale approach of coding data security logic into applications to solve a machine-scale problem leads to compliance problems, unauthorized access, and breaches because it’s impossible to implement data security and access control policies consistently.

Enforce separation of duties — policy-makers handle policy management and developers focus on development
Implement consistent data handling logic into applications, resources, repositories, and workloads with a few lines of code
Shift left and modernize your application architecture with externalized authorization enforced dynamically across any environment

Siloed Security Does Not Scale.
Our Strategic Partner Integrations Empower Your Success.

Ionic has strategic and preferred partnership relationships with the largest cloud service providers in the industry driving customer-managed trust through comprehensive data security and access control mechanisms. To extend that, we also have significant relationships with important ecosystem vendors and systems integrators to create a complete solution for your data-centric security needs.