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Single Trust Control Plane For The Most Popular Cloud Applications

Businesses now think ‘cloud first’ when it comes to their IT strategy and software footprint. And when it comes to the security aspect of these cloud services, most cloud providers spend a lot to make sure they provide top notch security for their services. However, once the data leaves the cloud provider container, organizations face a massive issue, with not being able to trust their data, or with customers not being able to trust their personal data.

The Ionic Data Trust Platform provides a data centric and consistent approach to data security, privacy and accountability by allowing you to safely execute on your cloud first strategy, bridge the security silos across your cloud services and your users and persist your data security with the data even when it is exported from the cloud application and platform.

The biggest pain point is still not addressed. We talk about securing data in cloud applications, as the main prerequisite to adopting them but once someone pulls data from these apps, the organization completely loses visibility and control. In this context, the controls applied in the cloud are not efficient anymore, and you are facing a massive gap in trusting your data.

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Ensure secure cloud usage by protecting enterprise data and users in real time across all your cloud services. The Ionic platform provides a consistent approach to data security, allowing you to continue using your existing end-user tools and applications, but bridge the security silos across the organization. The extensibility of the platform enables you to integrate and extend your existing IT systems, such as DLPs, CASBs, and IAMs, to provide a common policy-based security backplane for all your cloud application data, even when that data leaves the cloud application environment and the cloud provider security controls cease to be enforced.

  • Achieve Compliance with internal policies and industry regulations by enforcing DLP and encryption for data in and out of the cloud
  • Enable effective collaboration with teams and third parties without losing control of sensitive company data
  • Protect against unauthorized access of shared enterprise data by applying encryption controls based on users and endpoints
  • Comprehensive coverage of traffic from BYOD, off-network, and third party users with Pervasive Cloud Control.
  • Export your customer data with confidence. Protect your work wherever it goes; consistently enforce data policy on both structured and unstructured data while tracking data residency and data lineage across organizational boundaries and data life cycles.
Audit-Ready Results

The Ionic Data Trust Platform provides advanced visibility, with high-fidelity and control which means your data access policies are not only enforced but that every key fetch request is measurable by user, by role, by device, by network, by time, by application, and ultimately by data.

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