Cloud Storage

Common Trust Programming Model Across Multiple Storage Solutions

Most companies use multiple cloud platforms with the average number of cloud platforms used by enterprise companies according to multiple surveys is 1.5 platforms. Ionic provides a consistent approach to extending an enterprise security posture to cloud platform and cloud application deployments.

One approach across all your cloud providers

The Ionic Data Trust Platform directly integrates with the native cloud platform via the Ionic Build SDK to allow enterprises to leverage the Ionic Data Trust Platform services data protection, data privacy, and accountability. Using Ionic Data Trust Services as part of your overall Cloud Platform and Storage solution allows developers a single programming model for data security across multiple clouds and solution ensuring a higher degree of consistency when

  • Encrypting a new item while uploading
  • Decrypting an item while downloading
  • Re-encrypting an existing item with a new key

The Ionic approach also means not relying on a single vendor for both cloud storage and key management based data security and not having multiple silos of security based on the cloud platform solution.

Ionic Data Trust Services for Cloud Storage
Audit-Ready Results

The Ionic Data Trust Platform provides advanced visibility, with high-fidelity and control which means your data access policies are not only enforced but that every key fetch request is measurable by user, by role, by device, by network, by time, by application, and ultimately by data.

Protect Data In Transit, In Use, and At Rest
Ionic Data Trust Services for Cloud Storage - Marketecture Diagram

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