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The number of devices that are normally referred to as the Internet of Things are anticipated to surpass 25 billion connected devices by 2020. While there is much excitement about how connected devices can drive business, government, and consumer innovation the connectedness also raises many concerns over data security. IoT devices are increasingly used as a vector for large-scale attacks as well as being targeted for the valuable data they contain. The Ionic Data Trust Platform provides Internet-scale trust services that can be used to protect data at rest, in-transit, in-use and in-context for your devices to meet the most stringent data protection, privacy, and accountability requirements.

Data Trust Services For All Your Devices

The Ionic Data Trust Platform directly integrates with the native IoT platforms and devices via the Ionic Build SDK . This integration approach ensures that web traffic continues unimpeded so you can scale your security to meet the needs of your always-on device and IoT feeds.

  • Confidently share large amounts of data without losing control of it.  With Ionic’s context-based entitlements driving real-time policy, enforcement devices can confidently share large amounts of data without losing control of it.

  • Leverage attribute-based access control with device-level authentication to assure that only approved systems and users can access the data.
  • Because encryption and decryption can take place at the data level on the endpoints, the computational effort is distributed across them all, supporting a massive scale without slowing down application rendering.
Audit-Ready Results

The Ionic Data Trust Platform provides advanced visibility, with high-fidelity and control which means your data access policies are not only enforced but that every key fetch request is measurable by user, by role, by device, by network, by time, by application, and ultimately by data.

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