Secure Files

Know your data

Protect your data

Secure your documents, completely agnostic to where they are being stored or how content is distributed and accessed. Whether via email or file sync and share platforms, on-premise or in the cloud, the Ionic Secure Files solution provides a Data Trust Platform where protection travels with the data, all the way to its intended audience, no matter where that data goes.

Partner Solution:

Ionic Email Protect

featuring TITUS Classification

Secure email collaboration

Ionic Email Protect™ featuring TITUS Classification is your solution for enterprise-grade email protection of sensitive data. Help your employees do the right thing every time they click the “Send” button in Outlook email.

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Partner Solution:

Secure Cloud Data Across Users and Devices

Ionic Data Trust Services for McAfee Skyhigh Security Cloud

Stay compliant while adopting the cloud

Your employees are using cloud services every day to share documents and data with customers, suppliers, partners, and each other. Help them ensure that their gain in productivity does not result in loss of business data or breach of compliance.

Ionic has partnered with the leading Cloud Access and Security Broker — McAfee Skyhigh — to bring the best-of-breed cloud content inspection and enforcement solution to market. Together we secure all your IT-sanctioned SaaS and IaaS apps across users, devices, and locations.

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Integration Solution:

Ionic Data Trust Services

for Cloud Storage

Secure cloud storage

Ionic’s Data Trust Services for Cloud Storage solution allows enterprises to extend their existing security capabilities to any on-premise or cloud environment. Easily integrate our policy-driven key management services to any data that is uploaded or downloaded to a cloud storage solution, with granular visibility and audit ready results.

Audit-Ready Results

Advanced visibility entails high-fidelity and high-confidence telemetry; it means that your policies are not only enforced but measurable by employee, by device, by network, by time, by application, and ultimately, by data.

Data Protection & Control, In Your Design.

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