Ionic Machina: The Modern Data-Centric Security Solution

Modern Data-Centric Security Solution

Machina® is the only enterprise-class policy-based authorization engine that breaks through the data security gridlock by controlling access to and securing your data regardless of where it resides, operates, or how it is accessed.

Future-Proof Your Data Security and Access Control Strategy

Decades ago, organizations struggled to scale identity management until consolidated IAM platforms cracked that code. Today, the challenge of data security gridlock requires essentially the same approach to consistently manage access from a single control plane. Machina is the breakthrough solution that scales data security by creating a consistent, logical service layer to consolidate siloed access policies and encryption key management with dynamic policy enforcement and real-time visibility.

Centralized Policy Management

Your siloed data handling policies digitized with attribute-based access control (ABAC) and easily federated across data access use cases

Encryption Key Management

Scalable, user-controlled security  –
where your business has the option for every data element to have its own key

Dynamic Policy Enforcement

Just-in-time access decisions
and encryption key delivery
based on context and attributes

Full-Spectrum Visibility

A single, comprehensive view
of all data access activity,
with powerful analytics and auditing


One of the toughest challenges facing enterprises today is effectively managing the security, governance, privacy, and ultimately trust, of the vast amounts of data powering large organizations. Ionic Machina is an enterprise-scale data protection engine, which along with a powerful ecosystem of partners, allows firms like ours to bring consistency and simplicity to these challenges.


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JPMorgan Chase & Co.

The Answer
for the Enterprise

With millions of licensed users across numerous Fortune 100 deployments, Ionic is the partner of choice for organizations ready to accelerate innovation by delivering intelligent authorization decisions enforced by ABAC and RBAC policies.

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Secure the Full
Digital Transformation Journey

From legacy, on-premises environments to advanced multi-cloud innovation strategies, Machina is a single, consistent solution for customer-managed trust, defining and enforcing data access policy to deliver dynamic authorization across the full digital transformation journey.

Legacy, On-Premises Systems

Securely wrap legacy applications or transition legacy data to secure cloud storage

Hybrid Cloud Environments

Apply policy seamlessly across legacy systems, private cloud, and public cloud environments

Multi-Cloud Strategies

A single point of data access control spanning the best technologies from the major public cloud service providers

Satisfy and Empower
Diverse Internal Stakeholders

Only Machina delivers the simplicity and scalability of data security required to satisfy the diverse stakeholders that are accountable for it.

App Dev & DevOps Leadership

Neutralize the security obstacles that block the approval of new applications

CTO/Enterprise Architect

Standardize on a single solution that supports all data access policy management and enforcement use cases

App Developers

Enable powerful data access control and policy enforcement with just a few lines of code


Trust the industrial-strength encryption key management solution securing the world’s largest organizations


Ensure that evolving policy standards and regulatory compliance mandates are universally and easily applied, enforced, and audited

Unique, Strategic
Partner Ecosystem

Ionic has built unique ecosystem relationships that dramatically accelerate cloud migration and multi-cloud innovation strategies, unlocking new waves of growth and value creation across the overall security ecosystem.

Cloud Platform Leaders

Deep, strategic relationships with the leading public cloud service providers accelerate cloud migration and multi-cloud strategies.

SI/Consulting and IT Services Partners

Leading consultancies make Ionic a key pillar of their target architectures for scalable data security.

Technology Alliance Partners

Focused integrations with ecosystem partners enable policy orchestration across current and future IT investments.